Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Healthy Eton Mess

Ok everyone, hands up if you have a sweet tooth? No need to be shy now.

Raises hand. 

Well I admit it I certainly do and I don't know many people who do not have a sweet tooth when I come to think about it. 

Today's Slimming World friendly (SWF) recipe is the good old Eton Mess. I will be honest my version is not very restaurant worthy ... it's not going to get a gold star for looks.  However this was just for me, so looks didn't bother me - still tasted the same... so I didn't really care.

An Eton Mess is a super quick dessert / sweet treat to put together.  So if you're craving a quick fix of sugar which doesn't impact too hard on your daily syn allowance, then this recipe is your friend. 

What you'll need is only a handful of ingredient's;

Meringue nest or shells - I used two of these shells from Asda which worked out to 1 1/2 for two shells.
0% fat yogurt - Any favour of your choice.
Fresh fruits - I picked strawberries and blueberries, but you can use anything. Mango and passion fruit for a more tropical Eton perhaps?
Sweetener - this is optional but a bit of sweetener makes it even better (trust me!)

You can add a sprinkle of almond flakes for a crunch if you fancy, it but remember these have syns.

It's really easy to put together, just layers of yogurt with added sweetener, with added meringue crumbles and then fresh fruits.  Then another set of layers of yogurt, fruits and meringue.  In the photos I had added 10gram portion of flaked almonds for added crunch.

If you can stop yourself from eating it straight, this would be lovely chilled in the fridge.

Now if written instructions are not your thing, you can watch my YouTube video HERE if you want or click below and that will show you how to make it in under four minutes!




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