Sunday, 24 July 2016

Pizza But Not As You Think

looooove pizza.  The crunchy base, the cheese, the toppings... O-M-G!  However tradition pizzas can be be costly in the syns department, 16 to 20+ syns for an entire pizza.


I have been craving pizza like crazy lately and I really want to try a cauliflower base one, which can take time to make.  So one evening this week I decided to make a gammon pizza.  Different I know but all FREE!  Yay.

So get ready my fellow SW Member and let me amaze you with this quick easy meal.

What you'll need is:

Gammon Steak
Tomato Puree
Cheese (Leerdammer Light is two slices for your HEXA or 5 syns)
Then your choice of toppings.  I went for pineapple, jalapeños and fresh basil.
Plus you'll need dried herbs, salt and pepper to season.

It is really easy to make, firstly turn on your grill then...
1// Cut off your gammon fat then grill the meat until just cooked.  It will be cooked again after the toppings are added.
2// Prepare your toppings whist it is grilling.
3// Remove the meat from the grill (drain any fat in the tray)
4// On top of the gammon spread on tomato puree, add two slices of cheese, then add your toppings and seasonings (except the basil - it will burn otherwise).
5// Place back under the grill for a further minute or until the cheese has melted.
6// Pop on to a plate then add your fresh basil.

Job done!

This only takes 20 minutes maximum and is soooooo easy to do.  You can see a step by step video right HERE on my YouTube channel.


Angela x


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