Thursday, 28 July 2016

Healthy Bean Salad Recipe


Totally underrated I think. They are really good for us as they are full of nutrients and a great source of fibre - which is excellent for keeping our you know what in check *wink wink*. 

I usually associate beans with a morning fry up or a chilli con carne, however I was really keen to add them in to a salad. I was having a summer BBQ, so it was perfect timing to experiment.  It is really fast to make (under 10 minutes), plus you'll probably have most items at home in your cupboards already. 

To make this you're going to need... 

One can of beans (pinto, borlotti, mixed beans - not BAKED beans)
Canned corn - around three to four tablespoons
Onion (spring onions or red onions)
An apple (you could exchange the apple for celery if you want)
Fresh herbs (example mint, parsley, basil) 
Fresh lemon juice or a bottle lemon juice. 
Apple cider vinegar 
Olive oil (remember this has syns)
Salt and pepper

And here are the steps...

1// Rinse your beans and corn under running water in a sieve. You will not need to cook them. 
2// Whilst they drain, chop and dice half an apple and half an onion (or two large spring onions)
3// Add your beans and corn to the apple and onions then stir together. 
4// Season with salt and pepper. 
5// Add your chopped fresh herbs. 
6// Using a tablespoon measure add one of lemon juice, apple cider vinegar and olive oil.

Give it all a stir and taste it. Add any extra salt and pepper if you think it needs it.

This may not look like anything too fancy, but this is really quite refreshing to have with a fish dish or a summer BBQ.  It is also quite adaptable - you can use different beans, celery instead and apple, leave out the olive oil if you want to make it syn free.... it's really up to you.  This is perfect if you are also vegan/vegetarian. 

If you wish to, you can see a step by step video right HERE on my YouTube channel.


Angela x


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