Monday, 19 September 2016

Remember Why!

Weight loss is not an easy journey, on occasion you hit the invisible brick wall. The stumbling block - it will trip you and attempt to bring you down. It may also come in the form of a friend shoving cupcakes in your face.


There will be a time when you walk up to the scales on weigh in day and you either remain the same of even 'worse' you have a gain.  There is always celebrations when you lose weight on the day of weigh in, however if you gain it's all very hush hush and whispering 'ooooo you've had a gain' cue sad face from the lady behind the scales. It's like a guilt trip.

But should you feel guilty?



Because you my dear are a human and there is this thing we all lead and it's called LIFE!

Don't let the gain get you down.  If you are an emotional eater like myself, then this could trigger a post weigh in binge.  Don't let just a number get you down. A gain of a pound or two is not the end of the world, us wee humans are always having fluctuations with weight.

An important point to remember is where you were when you started.  Think about it for a moment will you 🙂  You have to look at the whole picture and not that ONE day. 

When I was on my recent holiday I enjoyed a few too many ice creams - I had fun.  When I returned to my weigh in the week after I'd had a gain of 2lbs.  Realistically it is to be expected but I was still felt  annoyed with myself deep down.  Like pretty much everyone I am one of those people who puts myself down - I am my biggest critic. Sound familiar?  But really we shouldn't be so hard on ourselves.   

To summarise in short - don't be so hard on yourself!  You're not going to little miss or mr perfect all the time (note to self!). When you next see the plus on the scale,just smile and say I will do better next week.

Let the not so good be the trigger you need to make you work harder for a better result.

Good luck!


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