Thursday, 1 September 2016

Survival Guide: The Cinema

I love going to the cinema the hubby. We always make an evening of it, perhaps a nice meal before hand then a good old VIP seat with lots of pic n' mix, popcorn or even Ben and Jerry's ice cream.  Lots of sugary 'goodness' - NOT!  The meal definately, but not the sweets.

All these sweets can play havoc with your results when it is time for your weekly weigh in and we don't want that do we??  Yes you can treat yourself as ultimately that is what syns are for, but let's do it in controlled fashion instead of a fully loaded blow out. 

This is my mini guide on how to survive a night at the cinema and what nibbles to take if you're going.

Firstly my main and best advice is to avoid the cinema treats entirely and bring your own. This is where you'll need a big hand bag ladies, as cinemas don't obviously want you to bring your own lunch box of goodies. They want you to spend your money with them - business is business and you're their money maker ... so be discreet. 

In your hand bag pop in...

// Popcorn
This is a given really isn't it??  I like the Lightly Sea Salted ones by ProperCorn (pictured) as a 20g bag is only 4 syns. Compare this to a small carton of popcorn you get at the actual cinema that is soooooo big it'll fit over your head well I think the ProperCorn is a million times better!

// Mikado
Whether you go for milk, white chocolate or the Daim version these are 1/2 a syn per stick. If you save up your syns for the day you could nearly eat a whole packet if you wanted to. Yay. 

// Pick n' Mix
Might sound strange but you could make you're own pic n' mix.  Grab a small zip lock bag or Tupperware pot and pop in a few Harbios and marshmallows. Both of these are usually 1 syn each, so like above if you save up your syns you could have quite a hand full. 

// Fruit 
Not your traditional cinema treat but what about fruit sticks or a pot?  I've done this before as there is an Marks and Spencer's next to my local cinema and they sell great pots of fruit. I brought melon and pineapple slices/sticks and they were rather yummy. 

The trick of bringing your own goodies is you know you are only consuming a syn value you know instead of guessing.  Once you start guessing it all starts to go down hill. 




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