Thursday, 15 September 2016

Kitchen Gadgets to Have!

Hi there Slimming World friends how we all doing today?  Sorry for post shortage but with this warm weather I kind of feel like eating ice creams more than writing blog posts.  You understand where I'm coming from right?

This post talks about some of my favourite gadgets in the kitchen.  It might sound strange to say but I do love my NutriBullet and steamer - it's true.  Links for each item will be there for you if you fancy buying any of the products mentioned.  Now let's crack on...

// Scales 
I used to have big fancy scales, you know the kind with the big bowl on top??  Yes they may look nice and cute but they are not the most practical in the world. They are big and not very handy for a quick grab and weigh of your healthy extra A choice.  This is where I invested in a set of digital scales from Salter. I picked up my set from DunElm Mill for about £12 or £14. They are little which is great for storage, plus you have many options when it comes to weighing - grams, oz, mls.

// Joseph Joseph Bowl/Measuring cup set
Cup measurements are mainly a US thing but they have become much more popular in the UK over recent years.  Our friends in the US don't use the terms grams likes us Brits. I find having a set of these really handy. Mine show millilitres too so I always use the 1 cup spoon for 250mls of semi skimmed milk.

// Measuring spoons
The other day I was measuring out some low fat Mayo for a wrap I was making. I guessed what a tablespoon of it was by squeezing the tube and popping it straight on to the wrap. After i did that I thought to myself I should really measure that. So I grabbed my measuring spoon and to my shock I was totally wrong - I'd given myself about half the amount.  After this little story my point is, it is always important to measure out all your syns. 

// Muslin Cloth 
You totally don't have to have this as it's not an necessity, but if you ever feel like making a cauliflower base pizza ... well you'll be a fool not to have this to help you make it.  It helps to use the cloth to squeeze out excess fluid 😄

// NutriBullet Blender
I've had some gadgets that just don't get used after a while and I was kind of worried it would be the same when I bought this however I was wrong.  I get so much use out of blender and it's always out on my counter top. It's the perfect size and it's not even that expensive. This will make the whole soups, smoothies making process easy peasy. 

// Tupperware 
Is it sad to say that having good Tupperware is important. Investing a bit more cash is certainly better than not. I use my pots every day and they go through a lot. If you've got something cheap and not so durable then you are more likely to have to spend more money in the long run replacing them. My favourite brand is Sistema. They sell lots of different sizes and in different colours. They also sell bottles and other handy items. 


Angela x

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