Monday, 17 October 2016


Hello October.  It's been a while.

I've been a little AWOL from YouTube and my blog.  I haven’t really had my Slimming World mojo going on (more on that in a second) and plus my blogging head has been on holiday.  My motto is to not to force a blog post but to naturally let it happen, sooo no blog posts.  I also feel as though the change in seasons from Summer to Autumn has affected my mood.  I hate it when the nights draw in and we’re just sitting in the dark from 6 months of the year.  I feel like I need to be a in hibernation like a hedgehog. 

On a side note, with regards to Slimming World - I have been bad and I have eaten a few doughnuts (and other things).  Good old Krispy Kreme brought back for a limited time only my favourite all time doughnut, so I had a few. Surprise surprise my weight has crept up. I am upset by it but I shouldn't be shocked really - eat crap and don't exercise then you'll put weight on. It's logical.  

Last weekend I went off to Bath with the hubby for a long weekend. We walked a lot every day when we were there but we also ate out too. It was lovely and I completely recommend Bath if you're looking for a mini break in the UK.  Beautiful looking, plenty to do and see and great restaurants.  Plus they have a spa!

On that note I am no longer 11st 7lbs like I was in August before my hollibobs to Portugal - shameful I know.  On Saturday I weighed in at 11st 10.5lbs and then that evening I had Chinese (my first one since march I might add).  But now that’s it, I’m done. I am back on it with Slimming World - properly. No more crap will pass my lips and I feel slightly more in control than I have done in a while.  I might even attempt to use my gym membership! Shocking I know!  Yesterday I managed to squeeze in 10,000 steps with mum, as we borrowed my cousins dog Chelsea again.  You can meet Chelsea HERE.  She's the cutest doggie ever! 

How are you going with your journey?  

Good luck

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