Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Shine On thanks to Tara Smith!

I've never felt like I've wanted to gush so much about something, especially something so simple as a shampoo and conditioner. That's just weird huh?  I mean it's just shampoo and conditioner right...?


Recently I was introduced to the Tara Smith brand at an event.  At the event I was lucky to be given some samples of the Shine On shampoo and conditioner (Tara actually suggested this line for me).  Those samples lasted 5 minutes, not only because my hair is so thick but for another reason.

The other reason is I love it... it's amazing!  These babies do exactly what they say on the tin.  If you want shine you won't be disappointed... honest!  I'm not.

Tara Smith Shine On Shampoo and Conditioner

What I love about Tara's hair care range is it's entirely vegan.  They are free from parabens, phthalates, sulphates, artificial colourings to name some.  Plus... a big plus is there is NO animal testing AT ALL!  Another bonus, all her products are made here in the UK.

The first thing you notice with these is the birds.  Her packaging is to die for and it certainly is an eye catcher.  Perfect for luring you in for the kill so to speak.  Her entire range uses the 'bird' theme.

I've been using these a while and if you're after that squeaky clean hair then these deliver. If you're expecting soap suds galore, you sadly won't get that.  Shine On is very gentle and doesn't foam hardly at all.  But what you do buy is an animal friendly, non toxic, organic shampoo and conditioner.

Now for the knitty gritty, each of these 250 ml bottles cost *deep breath*  £10.  Not exactly cheap, but never-the-less - completely worth it.  She uses the best organic ingredients.  There is no expense spared in her hair line collection.  You're buying a 'good' product when you buy Tara Smith.  I mean she styles hair for Anna Friel, Rosario Dawson and Demi Moor to name a few.

If you're interested in investing in some vegan friendly hair care, you can purchase Tara products on the Marks and Spencer website here.  Or you can purchase in selected stores like Westfield or Marble Arch.  They also sell 100 ml bottles for £5 if you just fancy trying it out.

Angela xox

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  1. Gosh it is on the 'spensive side but good shampoo / conditioner is hard to come by.

    1. I know they are on the pricey side but the ingredients used are expensive. And they are entirely vegan! It really does add shine though. Certainly worth having a go x

  2. I've got my eye on this, everyone seems to enjoy using it :)

    1. It's a really nice brands. I went to the PR event and so much thought and passion has gone into every single product x


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