Thursday, 24 January 2013

Maybelline ~ The Rocket

Maybelline have done it again and blessed us beauty lovers with a new mascara.  I picked this up on New Years Eve as I took a detour home from work.  The ban, hasn't be broken - honest.

Maybelline's new mascara release The Rocket is part of the Volum' Express line.  I love the original Volum' Express and I was keen to try this out when I heard about it.

The packaging and the wand

I think this is Maybellines best mascara packaging yet.  I love the purple/blue tube and the neon pink writing.  I don't think you could ever lose this in your makeup bag.  As for the name, I'm not too sure...  The Rocket?  Catchy but I'm not sure if any mascara can give you rocket volume like Maybelline claim this can.  Let's wait and see the results.

The wand I think looks similar to Max Factor False Lash Effect/Covergirl Lash Blast.  It is also quite similar to the One by One as it has a plastic wand.  The difference between The Rocket and the One by One can be seen below in the comparison shot.  The Rocket wand itself has barely noticeable bristles, which are very short and look a little on the thin side.  I actually prefer the look of the One by One wand.

L-R: One by One and The Rocket

Maybelline say that this is a clump free mascara which is a bold claim.  I'm not sure there is a mascara out there which doesn't clump even a little bit.  A word of warning for you potential Rocket users... at the tip of wand you get that annoying blob of excess mascara.  I recommend removing this before application or there might be a mess.

So lets get onto what it looks like on the lashes.  One coat looks like...
One coat top lashes only (lashes were curled before applying)

After the initial first coat, I'm quite impressed.  The separation is good and the lashes look naturally volumised.  Not massively like Maybelline say they will be but still good.  I would be happy at leaving it with just the one application.

The second coat looks like...
Two coats top and one on lower lashes

Now for the second coat.  Maybelline claim this is a clump free mascara.  After the second application I personally think this clumped slightly, not too much however.  I had to work it a lot with the wand to get the right look.  I left the look as it was and didn't apply a third coat as i think that may of been clump overload.  I also applied one coat to my bottom lashes which to be honest look a little clumped together.

So for my thoughts...

I quite like this mascara but there are some down points.  Firstly the blob at the end of the wand which I addressed above.  Then the wand and its pointy stumpy bristles.  Because they are so short and pointy I feel like I stab my lids.  It can be a little uncomfortable and off putting.  This is my only real negative... so far. 

Yes there is an odd clumping here and there but you just have to work at it with the wand.  The formulation is quite wet, so I think that this may be better once it has aged slightly.  Sometimes I think drier mascara can perform better.

As for volume,  I don't think you get lots which is disappointing.  I wouldn't see myself buying this again when I have the option to buy the One by One which I think is better.  If the wand didn't jab me in the lids I think I'd like this more.

Have you seen this yet?  Will you be giving it a try?

Angela xox

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  1. I generally love Maybelline mascaras so I'll no doubt end up buying this at some point! I completely agree that mascara gets better with time. I can't stand new mascaras that are really wet!

  2. Great review. I haven't tried a maybelline mascara in ages. It's a shame this clumped slightly. x

  3. Agree with Alice, great review, this mascara is sold out everywhere near me but i managed to pick one up today near work and cant wait to give it a go. Agree I havent found a mascara yet that doesnt clump even a little bit, thanks for your post, and great pics :) x


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