Wednesday, 2 November 2016


There is a place that all people who are losing weight will fall into when they are on their journey.

It's called ... The rut

The hole that gobbles you up, has steep sides and it feels impossible to even think let alone get yourself out of it. But do not fear, the rut is not somewhere you'll be for ever.  Scouts honour!

Speaking from personal experience a few years back on slimming world I went through the joy of maintaining for at least three weeks on the trot (it may of been longer I cannot remember).  In my mind I was on plan doing everything right, yet I failed to see the results. 

Why I thought?

began to feel deflated and started to think to myself 'is this for me anymore??'  I remained behind for the weekly meeting, which at the time I wish I hadn't.  Reason being my leader made an example of me in front of the WHOLE group and deep down I felt quite humiliated.  The conversation went something like this:

Leader: So Angela another maintain this week, why do you think that is?
Me: I'm not sure, I'm doing everything right. 
Leader: Are you sure? The plan hasn't changed perhaps you have? 
Me: *Face starts to burn and I turn the colour of beetroot!*
Leader: Perhaps reread the books again and restart or perhaps it isn't for you anymore?
Me: *Prays ground will swallow me up but it doesn't.*
Leader: OK, next!

I felt like sh*t after that. 

It didn't help that the lady sat next to me gained 5lbs, yet my leader brushed it off and simply said do better next week to her. Perhaps she was having a bad day I don't know but it really dented my confidence. 

The moral of the story is don't give up. Sometimes we don't like what we hear, but it's the kick up the arse we need in order to change and succeed. I then went on to lose a further 1/2 stone in that group. 

Ruts can seem like a mountain to trek across but if you put your mind to it. It WILL happen. If these journeys were easy everyone would be on it but they never are. That's life I suppose. 



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