Monday, 14 November 2016

Life 'Weight Loss' Update

Happy Monday everyone, did you catch my latest video about my Slimming World and life update which I uploaded last night? I’m sorry it’s been a while since I showed my face there.  In the video I chat to you guys about my journey and I covered a lot in that video (click HERE for the video), however I thought I would write a few words about it here.

I have always struggled with losing weight, most things in life I can deal with but watching the numbers on the scales not drop is frustrating. All around me I feel like I have a good support network which is brilliant.  But it seems my lard is a firm friend and doesn't wish to leave my side.  I have always encouraged Slimming World as a good thing and I still do.  I have myself had amazing results and I've seen amazing results from friends who chose the SW path.  They went and have succeeded and left me behind in a trail of dust and it upsets me and makes me question it all.  It's no doubt jealousy, but you cannot blame me for feeling a little green eyed monster.  They are getting what I want and I don't understand why I find it so difficult.  Is there something wrong with me?

I am currently struggling with my Slimming World routine, as I find some aspects of it annoying - one word avocados.  They are not a big deal really, but I do love them and I'm still baffled as to why they are classed as bad.  I am also finding it a struggle with the low fat life, not because I love fats, but for the conflicting information that low fats is in fact higher in sugars.  Which is right; a low fat yogurt or a full fat protein rich one?  Answers please.

As for Slimming World I am going to keep at it, but I will just put my own spin on it. My new friend will be My Fitness Pal and I will attempt to track as much as possible.  I'm going to turn this mission impossible to a good ending.   I did set myself the goal of 9lbs by Christmas Eve, but I think that ship has sailed far away.  I'm sorry if my little life update is not to everyones fancy.  I seem to have already lost some YouTube followers since I made my video live, which is a shame.  But I have to be honest.  Why lie and I'm only kidding myself otherwise.

Laters slimming friends!


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