Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Forever 21 Jewellery Haul

Just a quick post before I go for my SW weigh in....wish me luck!

I did a recent haul of earrings and a bracelet from the new Oxford street branch of London's first EVEEEEERRRRR Forever 21. Yeeeeehaaaa

 The earrings

I don't know if the stones/ gem stones are real.  They feel heavy-ish, so they almost could be perhaps.  Both earrings came to under £10.  The earrings on the left - the gold ones were only £3.15!!!!! Yes I did type that correct...£3.15.  The turquoise ones on the right were £3.15 again.  Nice price for high street and they don't look cheap either.

The bracelet

I should say bracelets really.  This was a set of three and they look lovely, noisy but lovely.  I only paid £7.40 for the set which I think is an amazing price.  They are all different designs and look very pretty on.

My cat Milly also tried to seek in my pictures if you look below ....hehe

Milly posing sooooo cute!

I so recommend popping into Forever 21 if you have the chance.  There are tonnes of jewellery bits and bobs to choose from.  Any one who loves jewellery will be in heaven!!

What does everyone else think of Forever 21?

Angela xox


  1. I like it, think it's a more bargainous, nicer version of New Look.

    And I love jingly jangly bracelets :-)

  2. She is gorgeous! I have a little moggy with a half and half face too. She looks like the phantom of the opera lol. And the jewellery is nice too :p x


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