Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Chanel Nail Colours | Peridot & Graphite

Another part of huge Chanel haul was these two gorgeous nail polishes.  I didn't actually intend to purchase these but...I am a girl and I can be persuaded easily....especially if these are being dangled in my face!

So firstly this beauty that goes by the name of Graphite number 529.

Graphite 529

This is a lovely lovely LOVELY polish and I couldn't recommend this enough.  The above picture is three coats.  The polish it's self just in the bottle is stunning.  You could say this is a silvery black grey glitter polish but that description doesn't do it justice.  It is beautiful!!!!  Even though it is glittery it dries smooth, you can't feel the lumps and bumps of the glitter.  If you wear this you will just stare at your nails...trust me.  Oh one more thing, this is as easy as anything to remove with polish remover...not like your usual glitter polishes.

And next on the Chanel conveyor belt is Peridot number 531...

Peridot 531

Peridot is one of the polishes when you look at the bottle is is very deceiving and shows a completely different colour.  It kind of reminds of a moody ring...every time you move it around the light catches a different colour.  It's a green one minute, then a gold ...its a true chameleon. 

My favourite of the duo is Graphite.  I like Peridot but it just doesn't do it for me like Graphite does.  I'm not saying I don't like Peridot, I just think Graphite is more wearable.
I know you've probably seen tonnes of reviews of these polishes so I won't go on too much longer ;-)

Angela xox


  1. Graphite's my favourite!
    I'm not really a fan of gold polish but it looks great on you :)xx


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