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Monthly favourites: September 2010

Scribbling my September favourite's was some what difficult this month. It was a crazy month for me that completely flew by in a whirlwind of; Final dress fitting, seeing florists, cake makers, wedding rehearsals, and last minute dashes to my local Bobbi Brown counter.

My wedding day (which went by without a hitch, and was a completely magical day) Then I was off to the Sofitel Hotel at Gatwick to catch a early flight to our honeymoon in Turkey.  I need not go on, but you can probably use your imagination ;-)

So my monthly favourites is combined with my honeymoon favourites, as it was much easier than doing two posts.

Anyway hope you enjoy, here goes...

Septembers Honeymoon /Monthly Favourites

Aussie Leave in Insurance Spray
Whenever I travel to a hot country, my friend Aussie always travels with me. With
sun, sand, sea breezes... my hair can take a battering.  So whenever I wash my hair I
always spray a nice helping of this gorgeous smelling miracle worker.  I mainly concentrate on the tips as this gives my hair that little extra TLC.  And with the beautiful scent, who wouldn't want to spray this in their hair?

Bobbi Brown Long Wear Liner in Chocolate Shimmer Ink (13)
On my honeymoon I stuck to using natural colours like golds, nudes, bronzes and browns.  This liner goes perfectly with these kind of colours.  In nice terms this is a bog standard chocolate brown liner.  But with the added gold shimmer, it makes it so much better!! It's long lasting which is great especially in a hotter climate

Urban Decay Naked Pallet
I got this when it was first released in the UK, but I barred myself form using it until
the honeymoon.  This pallet was the only eye shadow's I took away with me. The Naked Pallet is anyone dream... especially if you love natural looking shadows. There is the added bonus of the two 24/7 liners; Zero and Whiskey.  I have to say, I don't know where I'd be without this palette....Urban Decay I salute you!!!  For an inexpensive £27 this is my best beauty buy to date.

Bobbi Brown Tinted Moisturiser
I'm never a foundation girl when I'm on holiday.  Hot climate, my skin and foundation is not a good trio, so i always try to go on the lighter side by using tinted moisturiser.  This is my ultimate favourite, and I recommend it completely. I found this is good for layering and looks completely natural.  It comes in a good range of colours too and is also very moisturising.  This is a 10/10 product for me and it does not break me out either.  Bonus points for BB!!!

Benefit Coralista 
Before I went away, I decided I was going to have a makeup clear out.  Call it a project 10 pan if you want.  But I'd hauled far too much, so i decided I take my neglected Coralista with me.  I forgot how nice it was, lush peachy coral that gives your cheeks a lovely glow. I'm so glad I have rediscovered this peachy cutie!

MAC Angel
After I did my MAC lipstick collection post, I realised I hadn't really let this lipstick shine before i tossed it aside. BAD ANGELA!  So like Coralista, I took Angel away with me also. Two Words LOVE IT! Every night I was wearing this beauty and it was sooooooo pretty.  I was too quick to judge this lipstick before giving it a chance.  It is not so Barbie pink after all.

Topshop Bronzer Radience 2
No holiday is complete without a bronzer. This Topshop one just has enough sparkle for it not to be too OTT. A lovely blend of bronzer and golden beige colours, this gives a nice added glow to your face.  One of the days I used this bronzer as a eye shadow, very pretty indeed.

Maybellines Mascaras; Waterproof Colossal & Stiletto Voluminous
I combined both of these on my wedding day and I love the combo.  First applying Stiletto and after applying Colossal to make it all water tight.   Individually these are great, but together, they're even better!

Victoria's Secret Garden Hydrating Luscious Kisses Body Mist
I HEART this product!  I picked this up in the Duty Free at Gatwick, and I'm so glad I did as I am head over hills with this.  It is so's amazing.  So a beautiful smell, you just can't help spraying this all over yourself.  

I hope you enjoyed, let me know your comments By the way what's your September favourites?

~ Angela xoxo


  1. I hope your honey moon was amazing! congrats on getting married and I am half tempted to try coralista :\ I am not too sure though! xx

  2. Congrats on the wedding and lovely favourites, i got a few victoria secrets while in vegas and they are gorgeous too. I wish we had victoria secrets here xx

  3. Coralista is gorgeous - I have it and go back to it again and again and again. Plus the UD Naked Palette is truly amazing! Great post, keep up the good work ;-) xx

  4. I left you a present on my blog!



  5. Can't live without Coralista! I've been thinking of getting Angel by MAC and the naked palette too even though I have soo much make up already lol...


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