Thursday, 6 July 2017

Yoga And Its Benefits

Being a bit naive I never 'got' yoga.  I just assumed, you stood there in poses humming to yourself and never really understood the benefits with the exception of the relaxation you achieved afterwards.  It might be semi true that you do occasionally stand in random poses humming (breath in and out, breath in and out), but it is ever so more than that.  I have come away from the class aching after putting my body through its paces and positions I never would of considered before.  I have a buzz running through my body afterwards and feel so chillaxed (chilled/relaxed for those of you who don't know).

I thought I'd share the things that I feel like I have gained from doing yoga for the few weeks I have attended class.  Plus things that yoga makes you think about starting with...

//Your Breath
The energy and strength you gain from inhaling and exhaling at the correct times I've found very noticeable.  I've also noticed it can help with stretching.  If you're having a stressful anxiety moment, taking a good few deep inhales and exhales can be very calming.  I've been doing this even out side of yoga, for example - at work if I'm having a stressful time and I just need to calm myself.  Yoga and your breath work hand in hand. 

//Taking your time 
Yoga is a practice.  A slow one which is good, as life for pretty much every soul on the planet is very rush rush. Yoga makes you go back to square number one and brings you back to a calm peaceful place.  Yoga is not yoga if you rush through.  When it comes to getting into poses, the crow for example - you cannot rush it.  I haven't managed to achieve the crow pose yet, but I will keep going until I do.  Even if it takes me 6 months to get my toes off the ground for literally 5 seconds... I will keep trying.  Rome was not built in a day! (Remember that!!)

Whether just standing on the tube or sitting at the dinning table to have dinner, I feel like yoga has made me more aware of how my spine is. I admit I still might catch myself doing an impression of the hunchback of Notre Dame, but I do try to use my seat bones as much as possible.  If you use them you naturally sit straighter and taller. Also when I stand I always try to stand head up, back straight and chest out.  A little string in the top of my head pulling it up. Stand tall and be proud!!

//Anything Is Possible!!
The first time in class when we were asked if we wanted to attempt the wheel pose, instantly in my head I said to myself I can't do that!!  A few seconds later I then had a rethink and actually gave the wheel a go. I literally balanced on my head, but I gave it a go. That's the important thing. Don't write yourself off straight away! If you put your mind to it you can achieve whatever you want to.  You might not get it perfect first time round but there is always next time.  You just need to...

Like anything in life, if you put a little practice in to something you will improve.  I've started doing some moves at home to try and improve myself, as I also think this will help with preparation for labour. These positions usually being where I am not entirely confident yet, I get my hubby to guide me.  

A little more information on the class I go to if you are interested is at The Lotus School of Yoga near Ludgate Hill / Blackfrairs Station.  A small class of up to 12 people.  The lovely Sophie, is a great teacher with a very calming way about her.  Her voice is just lovely and soothing, especially when you are in savasana before and after the class.

Angela x


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