Sunday, 9 July 2017

Staying Cool Travelling At 7 Months

When I first got pregnant, I was really looking forward to the idea of being pregnant during the summer months. Floaty dresses, flowers in my hair, looking like a cool mama-to-be. However in reality this years warmer months have been quite uncomfortable.  Expectation verses reality on this one were definitely delusional!  You already feel big and uncomfortable, so adding hot weather to the mix is actually not that nice to be honest.

I'm not planning to go on maternity leave until the end of the July, meaning I still have to travel into London for work for a few more weeks unfortunately.  Now in my handbag I carry around essential supplies which are a must!  They are;

// A Fan
Taking a small fan with you on the underground is a great option.  It's far better than waving a newspaper around annoying your fellow passengers!  I picked up a small battery operated fan for a few quid, which has come in really handy.  Perfect hand bag size!

// Water Bottle
This is obviously got to be first on anyones list whilst travelling.  I never used to travel with water with me, but now since being pregnant it is a must.  Water is the best thing to keep you hydrated and you need to keep your fluids up especially growing a little one as they literally do suck the life out of you.  The only problem is you want to pee so much, so just hear that in mind whilst on the move.

// Cooling Spray
The genius who invented water in a spray can, well I could quite happily kiss that person.  This is a life saver when I have been having a hot moment.  It gently mists water over you for the perfect on the spot relief.  I've been spraying it on my face and neck and occasionally my feet when I've been walking a bit too long.  For extra coolness, keep your can in the fridge.  Lush.

// What To Wear
Wearing the right clothes and shoes is key.  I've been wearing sandals and flip flops quite a lot as it lets air get to my feet.  Maxi dresses, long skirts and linen maternity trousers are just some of the clothes I've been wearing for work.  On small occasions I've been living in my only pair of maternity jeans. They are really comfortable, but not the most sensible when its 30 degrees outside.  Also I've popping a hat on my head to keep the sun off my head.

// Wear A Badge
I don't work locally to where I live and have to travel by public transport from zone 6 to 1. Usually in the mornings I can get a seat without an issue, however on the way home it can be a different story.  I started wearing a Baby On Board badge 13 weeks in to pregnancy, which has been quite helpful.  If you can try and obtain a badge from TFL, then it'll give people an indication to perhaps offer you a seat on a packed train.  People might be afraid to offer you one if you're not wearing one out of fear that you might not actually be expecting.  I will leave the link HERE if you ever need to ask for one.

These two points I obviously cannot take travelling with me as such, but they have been rather helpful.

// Travelling Times
If like me and you do travel to work, leave early. When I hit the third trimester and the heat of summer kicked in my boss gave me the option of leaving the office slightly early to try and avoid the stampede of rush hour travellers.  Just leaving slightly earlier has really made a difference sometimes from getting a seat and not getting one.  Plus train carriages always feel a little cooler when not so packed with other people.

// WFH
This has been a true blessing. I'm very lucky that I had the opportunity to reduce my days in the office and work from home on some days.  Just one day at week at home has been nice, as it gives me a bit of rest.  Growing a little one really takes it out of you so this offer I grabbed with both hands.  You are still technically working, but you are in the comfort of your own home... so if you want to work in your bra and knickers - well you can!

How are you coping in this weather whilst being pregnant or even not pregnant.  Do you have any tips and tricks?

Angela x

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