Monday, 4 February 2013

Twistband Beauty Bound

Twistband's are new hair tie phenomena slowly taking over the beauty world.  The product first hit the beauty scene in the US and it is slowly making its way to us Brits.

The unique selling point aka the difference compared to any other hair ties is that the Twistband's do not leave bumps or dents in the hair after you have finished using it.  The Twistband is simply a piece of elastic tied together to form a simple look hair tie. The band is basically made from the same elastic you'd find in your Granny's sewing box.

The simple Twistband

Unfortunately for me these are not a necessity... they are good but I'll explain my reasons for them being slightly impractical. First they are stretchy... well duh! Of course they are. They are too elasticated for my personally taste as for the second reason you see why they are a fail.  

I have thick heavy hair.  When I use these my thick hair stretches the elastic to the point my ponytail or bun is not as secure as I'd like.  If you have light to medium thickness hair then I can see this working for you.  However if like me you have an overwhelming amount of mane then this might not work as good for you.

The Twistband by Beautybound are available from Birchbox in an assortment of colours and come in packs of six or tweleve. Prices range between £10 to £15.

Do you think these will be a hit or miss?

Angela xox


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