Saturday, 23 February 2013

Gym Makeup Look

Whether you love or loath the gym, the gym is the place to get fit!  I would of never thought of myself as a gym bunny... ever!  If I'd said to myself 18 months ago that I'd be going to the gym for at least 1 hour 30 minutes a week... four times a week and that I'd have a personal trainer... I would of rolled over and laughed in your face and said whatever!

Oh how ones life has changed.

I personally am more than happy to step into the gym practically bare faced... I will never put on a full face.  I see no point, that's not the reason I attend a gym.  However there are some ladies out there who like to go the distance and wear a face like they are going out clubbing.  Seriously why!?

This post and accompanying video is all about what makeup to wear at the gym, if you wish to wear some.

So if I'm attending the gym on a weekend I like to wear a light face product, generally a BB Cream or tinted moisturiser. Botanics BB Cream in Light is the perfect product as it's good for you (Radiant Youth!) and it covers well... but it doesn't clog pores. Winner!

Now, I personally would be happy with just a BB Cream but to make it long lasting and for an extra bit of coverage I've added Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in Mohair to my face.  A light dusting is all.

For a wash of colour to the lids, a cream based shadow is perfect. The Clinique Quick Eyes Cream Shadow in Starlit Pink, which is discontinued... sob sob! is perfect.  It gives a nice sheer wash of colour to the lids.

Now no one enjoys looking like a cute furry panda, so I highly recommend a waterproof mascara to avoid that situation. The Maybelline Waterproof Illegal Lengths Mascara is my choice for the job!  This doesn't budge.

Now to finish off, just use your favourite lip balm and I'm opting for Fresh Lip Treatment in Sugar.   It tastes yummy is excellent treatment for lips which need some TLC!

So that's everything I used.  You could use these items for every day minimal makeup if you wish, not just the gym.  The video below is a short demo of the application and a general chit chat from yours truly!

That's it folks!  Enjoy and have a fantastic day and remember the gym never killed anyone... it's a good place!

Angela xox


  1. I agree, when it comes to working out, a clear skin is best. I'm always amazed by the girls working out in evening wear makeup. I wonder if they even know how bad that is for their skin.
    I workout at home now but I always make sure I remove any BB creams / bronzers etc before my workout so my skin is clear to sweat as much as it likes lol

  2. I go bare faced in the gym too. I once saw a lady come to a spin class in a full smokey eye and by the end it was half way down her face, lol


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