Saturday, 15 May 2010

Rambling Chit-Chat & Review

I popped into my local news agents after work yesterday in some desperate need of pointless gossip. So I headed over to the weekly magazine shelves. Whilst I was browsing through the endless supply of cheap magazines, my beady eye caught a glimpse of something with more of a wow!!

June Copy of In Style Magazine with FREE Nail Inc nail polish. It also has the oh so gorgeous Leona Lewis on the cover. *sigh*

I’ve never read In Style magazine before, but surely no one’s going to turn down a free Nail Inc nail polish. Not me for sure!!!
They were giving away 3 colours, a Red, Taupey neutral or a pinky/lilac. (Real names In Style Beach, In Style Mink and In Style Candy

The taupe colour instantly got my pulse racing, so I went through every single magazine in search of it & you guessed it....none left!!!! *Pulls sad face!* I didn’t want the red as I already have this colour or something similar, so all that was left for me to try was the pinky/lilac or whatever you want to call it.

In Style Magazine costs a reasonable £3.60, a little expensive than the usual cheap and cheerful gossip magazine but when they are throwing in a free nail polish (especially a Nail Inc one), it’s kind of stupid to turn down such an offer. So I grabbed my copy and headed for the counter handed over my money. And then spent the next hour on the tube reading my new find.

This is the second Nail Inc polish I have (the other was yet another freebie with either Cosmo or Glamour magazine, I can’t remember which one but it was the red polish hence why I didn’t want a red this time). I’ve always associated Nail Inc with OPI, in other words out of my reach. They are kind a special like the OPI, they are not your average nail polish and are supposedly somewhat ‘better’ than the high street drug store polishes. My main annoyance is the price. They are friggin’ expensive. They aren’t highly available; the only place I know that does both brands is WWW.ASOS.COM. Or if you’re in the UK you can buy them on EBAY for a less dramatic price. (£9.00 for a polish is a tad extreme for me)

So when you’re being offered something that’s usually £9.00 for a whooping £3.60, why would you say no??? I’ve decided to put the polish In Style Candy as it is called..... On today before work and my’s alright nothing really out of the ordinary. Just like a standard nail polish to me. I know Barry M and Collection 2000 have similar colours.

I wouldn’t say it covered my nails well, I feel it was a bit streaky. You definitely require 2 coats. I do wonder what all the fuss is about. Whichever way you look at it you’re getting a magazine for free or a nail polish for free.

Also inside the magazine they were advertising 20% off at Nail Inc when you order online. You must use the code INSTYLE2010 at the checkout. Woop woop!!!!

All in all pretty good I say.

~ Ang xoxo

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