Saturday, 12 March 2011

Book worm...

Sorry this isn't a normal 'beauty' blog post.  I thought I'd try a little something different.  I've turned into a complete worm and I'm glued to books.  And I did a bit of a haul (makes a change for me not to be buying makeup...shock horror!)

My latest Waterstones purchases...

I'm currently finishing off Claudia Carroll's ~Personally I Blame My Fairy Godmother.  For ages I'd been obsessed with the Vampire genre books and girly books were far far away from my list of most wanted books.  I love books like the Twilight Saga, True Blood/Sookie Stakehouse series, Vampire Diaries, The Black Dagger Brotherhood ...I'm in love with the dark side of the vampire world.  Weird though I do the love odd Nicholas Sparks book.  Dear John and The Last song are must reads!!

On my way home tonight I popped into Waterstones and stocked up on some new material.  I purchased two more of Claudia Carroll's books I never fancied him anyway and If this is paradise I want my money back.  When I picked up PIBMFG and started reading it was far too girly for me.  I almost put it down and stopped reading it.  But I have to say I'm glad persevered as it was actually a catchy cute easy read.  So I picked up two more of her books in the hope they'll just be as good. (Fingers crossed!!)

I also picked up The Reader by Bernhard SchlinkThis book I've heard is deep and intense.  I've seen the film which starred Kate Winslet and Ralph Fiennes and I enjoyed that.  This isn't something I'd normally read, but the film was excellent so fingers crosses (again) that this is just as good or even better than the film. 

I  picked up another two Nicholas Sparks books just because they were there basically.  Dear John and Last Song were great reads that almost had me crying at times.  So picking up Message in a bottle and A walk to remember seemed like a no brainer to me.

Have you picked up any books recently.  What's your favourite reads :-)

Angela xox


  1. I love chick lit! Those are my favorite reads, especially in the summer x

  2. Oh I looove reading! I read message in a bottle years ago and loved it!! I havent read A walk to remember yet, but I really want to! Especially because I loved the movie


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