Sunday, 7 November 2010

BH Cosmetics Brush Review

I first got to know about these brushes through a YouTube video Blair made, aka Juiceystar07.  She mentioned these, so like a carrot hung in from of a hungry donkey (lol)... I followed in her foot steps and picked up a set of my own.  Which I'm so glad I did.  Why? Because they are absolutely brilliant!

B H Cosmetics Brushes come in a wallet

They are great for travelling.  I took these on my not so recent honeymoon.  The size of the brush wallet was such a handy travel friendly size.  I am very much a fan of short handled good quality brushes.  Unfortunately I wear glasses due to short sightedness.  So when I take my glasses off to apply makeup, I usually have to be pretty close to my mirror to see.  Long handled brushes usually hit the mirror which can be an annoyance....but these short handled little beauties are a blessing.

Brushes in their handy case!

These brushes are all made from animal hair (their website says; Goat, Pony, Sable, Raccoon and Taklon for your reference) The brushes are wonderfully soft and I haven't had any brush hair shedding from using them or washing them.  The handles have a gloss black aluminum ferrule and birch wood handles.  They don't feel cheap in your hands.

Close  up of the brushes.

You get 10 brushes which include a Powder brush, Blush brush, Foundation brush, Smudge brush, Large eyeshadow brush, Small eyeshadow brush, Eyebrow brush, Lip brush, Pointed Eye Liner Brush and a Mascara brush.

They brushes cost $39.95 which is a Great British Pounds equivalent to approx. £25.00 (that doesn't include P&P).  If you think that's expensive think again... £25.00 divided by 10 brushes is £2.50 per brush.  Not too bad huh?  They also sell red handled brushes but i opted for the natural looking ones.

If you up for purchasing these, click right here for the website.  The site is based in the U.S., but if you only purchase the brushes like I did you won't have to pay Royal Mail import fees.   The company take most forms of payment and will ship pretty much any where.  So give it a go, I love them so i think you will too!!

~ Angela xox


  1. Nice review. I didn't know about the existance of these brushes, but they look great.

    If I need to buy more brushes I know where to go :)


  2. Fantastic review! I dont think you can ever have too many brushes so I think I will give these a try - they sound good, look fab and are such a bargain. how could I resist! :)

  3. I think you provide one of best provide cosmetic Brush. Thank for sharing us..........

    kabuki brush for liquid foundation & foundation application brush


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