About Me

Hey, so this is the section of the blog where I write a few lines about myself right?

Well I'm Angela and this is my corner of the internet where I scribble my thoughts.  I'm a thirty-something British girl - lady doesn't sound right lol!  I'm married to a man I met way back when I was slightly slimmer (I miss those days) and I am also mother to a fur baby that purrs like an alarm clock and loves trying to trip me up by walking in-between my feet!

By day I work in the big city (London Town that is) but on the weekends I chat to my followers on YouTube and write on here.

On Chatting With Angela I will chat about Slimming World and my weight loss journey.  I will also be sharing recipes (SW friendly and maybe some not so friendly ones).  I will also be talking my travels and random life updates.

You can follow me on social media ... Twitter, Instagram, Bloglovin'.  I am also planning on creating a Facebook page soon.  Please be aware I am not the most active social media user as I try not to use it too much in case I get fired!

Oh I almost forgot I make YouTube videos so please feel free to check out those too!!

Enjoy reading :)

PS - If you wish to contact me you can email on chattingwithangela@gmail.com
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